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How to Install PHP in Ubuntu.

Step 1 : Download Apache From www.apachefriends.orgthen click on “XAMPP FOR Linux v1.8.3 (PHP 5.5.11)” For Linux. Your Download file will saved in Download folder.

Step 2 : Open Terminal and write “cd ~/Downloads” and press enter. then again write “sudo su” and press enter. After pressing enter type password of your system.

Step 3 : type “sudo chmod 777 -R and complete name of xampp file while you downloaded in download folder” and press enter.

Step 4 : Now again Type thename of xampp file which you downloaded in download folder and press enter. Now automatically installation will start.

Step 5 : A diologue box will open now press “Next” one more time press“Next”.

Step 6 : Again a diologue box will open then disable the check box and press “Next” one more time press “Next” buton. your                installation will start.

Step 7 : After installation a new diologue will open. Now disable the selected check box and click on finish button.

Step 8 : Now exit from the terminal.

Step 9 : Again open terminal and write “cd /opt/lampp” and press enter.

Step 10 : type “sudo chmod 777 htdocs” press enter and then type password of your system and press enter.

Step 11 : Now create one small php programme and save in htdoc folder with .php extension.

Step 12 : Again open new window of terminal and type “sudo su” press enter type password of your system and then press enter.

Step 13 : Type “/opt/lampp/lampp start” and press enter your apache server will start. everytime this command is used start Aapache   server.

Step 14 : Run Your Programme in web browser.

Step 15 : To stop Apache type in terminal “/opt/lampp/lampp stop” and press enter.




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